Testimonial for Dave Webster – Identity Crisis Design - April 8, 2008

Custom paint for Harley gas tank and fenders. Two tone – Black and Pearl White. Graphics included custom pin stripes, playing cards and poker chips.

Looking for painter can be a difficult task. When I began the search for a custom painter to paint the tank and fenders for my Harley I had little to go on. I had been looking on ebay but was very cautious about shipping my parts to a painter in another state without seeing and meeting them in person. I had looked in the phone book and on the internet for local painters and was in contact with another shop but in speaking with them it just didn’t feel right. I happened to be at my local Harley shop one day and noticed a tank they had on display and there were some business cards next to it. I asked one of the salespeople about the tank and about the artist and they gave a very positive endorsement. After that I visited Dave’s web site and liked what I saw. I first contacted Dave in September of 2007 and that began the discussion of what I was looking for. I was in no hurry to have the bike painted I wanted to finish out the riding season and break it down over the winter. Over the next approximately 6 months I emailed Dave trying to finalize my idea and get an initial estimate. Also during that time I had heard on the radio that Dave the painter (this is how the radio described him, I called the Harley shop to see if it was Dave Webster) was going to be at a different Harley shop in early February. I had mentioned to Dave that I had an aftermarket front fender that was in bare metal. I wanted to show him the fender to give him a better idea of any body work involved. So I took my front fender with me and went to the Harley shop. The place was packed you could barely move around. I finally found Dave and got to meet him in person. We talked for a few minutes and even though he was in the middle of some painting and people everywhere he followed me out to my car (which was not exactly right out front (parking lot was jammed) to have a look at the fender. After that meet and greet we emailed a few more times. I happened to be going down to the Custom Car show at the Convention Center and Dave was scheduled to be there. I again met Dave down there and we spoke some more and at that point I knew he was the right person for the job. We agreed on the price and I scheduled to bring my tins to him.

When I dropped the tins off we had a sit down and went over the details. I am a fairly detailed person so I brought a list of what I was looking for, including s and had emailed Dave several images before the meeting. I wanted a theme based on playing cards and the name of the bike would be “Ace in the hole”. I knew I wanted a fan fold of cards on the right top side of the tank but could not decide on what to put on the left side. Here is Dave’s idea, this may sound simple enough but I couldn’t come up with a good idea on my own. Anyway Dave suggested Poker chips on the other side of the tank. I was sold and basically the whole theme and design for the paint was set at that point. This was late February and we set a delivery date for the first week of April. We agreed to meet again after the base coats were done


Dave contacted me around the middle of February to let me know that the base s were down and to come and have a look. He also had sent emails with pictures prior to this meeting. Everything looked great at that point and during that visit we had another sit down to rehash the design and go over any other details to ensure that the design was set.


The delivery date was getting close and I began to get anxious and emailed Dave almost every day during that first week of April 2008. He would respond and assure me that things were on target. Then at around 6 p.m. on Friday April 4 my phone rang and it was the call I had been waiting for. The paint was ready. Again, Dave had sent me some pictures during the artwork process but there is nothing that can compare to seeing the paint in person after it has been cleared and buffed. It’s one of those things when you initially see something that it just takes a while to sink in. This is what happened to me I think I was in awe when I first saw the tank and fenders. Perhaps I was just so ecstatic that it didn’t register with me. I took the parts home that night and had the bike completely back together by Sunday morning (I had some other things to do before completely buttoning it up). I took the bike for a few test rides on Sunday and then later that evening I washed the bike (the rest of the bike minus the tins was filthy due to the amount of work I had done on it that winter). After that I pulled up a chair had several beers with my wife and just sat there and looked at the bike.

To wrap things up, Dave was very helpful from start to finish even though I had the basic idea down of what I wanted he was accommodating through the whole process and kept me informed on what was taking place. And he did come up with the great idea for the poker chips. He listened to what I wanted and added in what he needed to make the project come out excellent. I am looking forward to this riding season and showing off the custom work that Dave did for me. I will gladly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a custom paint job.

Joe Yauch Pittsburgh, PA